Buy-to-let and project mortgages

About us

VastgoedFinance.Com is a new label in the Dutch mortgage market that features many years of experience. Established mortgage intermediaries have joined forces to facilitate the growth in the Dutch Buy-to-Let market. A similar development as seen in London real estate can be expected in all major Dutch cities. Commercial real estate is in high demand and therefore it is crucial to act quickly when an opportunity comes along. Our direct lines of communication and excellent reputation with financers guarantee a speedy and successful completion of finance requests.

What sets us apart from the rest

VastgoedFinance.Com goes above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrates a high level of domain knowledge. You can count on our independent advice, our expertise in both the finance and real estate market, and our extended network of realtors who provide us with interesting investment opportunities. Expert knowledge is key to our service, whether it is the valuation of properties, the Dutch real estate assessment system (WWS), buying real estate as a private person or in a Dutch legal entity, but also leasing, real estate management, even the return on sustainability investments. We know our way around in the world of accountants, realtors, banks and insurance companies just so we know the latest on tax laws, valuation demands, and risk management to benefit your finance request. In addition, we are easy to reach through e-mail and WhatsApp whenever you need us.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!

VastgoedFinance.Com takes pride in its reliable service and fast results. Thinking in possibilities, that is what determines you as an investor. At VastgoedFinance.Com, we also like to think in possibilities, especially when your ambitions need financing. Whenever you want to seize opportunities for investment purposes to build your real estate portfolio or to grow your business, we are there for you.