Financing International Real Estate has always had a special interest in international real estate and maintained local networks for interested customers. The international real estate market has become an attractive alternative to the highly regulated Dutch real estate market. Therefore, VastgoedFinance.Com decided to open up our international services for all interested real estate investors. Service includes the entire international finance process. Our carefully selected local partners distinguish themselves through expertise, experience and integrity, allowing a small niche market to grow into a serious investment alternative.

VastgoedFinance.Com guides investors in the German and Southern European real estate markets who are looking to buy commercial real estate and real estate projects. VastgoedFinance.Com assesses the possibilities for financing in these regions and handles the application through its local network to find the best possible conditions. If you want to know whether international real estate could be part of your portfolio, call VastgoedFinance.Com at +316 42 14 98 47.