Business mortgages

Financing Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking for a business premises or perhaps a house with enough space for your medical practice? Do you need to expand to accommodate your growing business activities? Is it time to cash in on the excess value of your business property, or would you rather just save on high housing costs? VastgoedFinance.Com has built up years of expertise in financing commercial properties. We always aim to reduce monthly costs and invest as little of your own money as possible. In some business areas, it is even possible to secure financing up to 100% loan-to-value for your business premises.

Real service

VastgoedFinance.Com knows that a commercial mortgage is often necessary at a hectic time, when you are starting or expanding your business. VastgoedFinance.Com guarantees a worry-free application procedure with excellent service so you can be where you are needed, in your company. Even when your application seems complicated at a first glance, VastgoedFinance.Com is ready to help you. For example, if your business premises hasn’t been built yet, or if your new business is scaling up fast but you don’t have the annual statements to show for it. VastgoedFinance.Com will help you find a reliable lender who underwrites your business goals.


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